Daytona USA Hits the Track Again

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Do I feel that NASCAR is a sport?  No.  Did Sega Sports produce the original Daytona USA games?  Technically the home releases were labeled as such.  Talk about a conflicted retro sports gamer!  Given that I recently talked about the state of downloadable sports titles hereI would have been remiss if I didn’t take a look at the recent HD release of Daytona USA.

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16-bit’s Baseball Best: A Look Back at World Series Baseball ’95

October 25, 2011 at 10:07 pm | Posted in Reviews | 4 Comments
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With the Cardinals and Rangers topically set to wrap up a great World Series, I wanted to post an article I wrote for’s “Together Retro” series back in September.  Together Retro is a monthly event where retro gamers all play the same game and then discuss in the Racketboy forums.  The full article on World Series Baseball ’95, including an intro to past sports titles in the “Together Retro” series can be found here.

Sega’s World Series Baseball franchise kicked off on the Sega Genesis and Game Gear in 1994 and went head to head with Tony La Russa Baseball (and to a lesser extent – Tengen’s RBI Baseball series) on the Genesis. World Series was revolutionary with its new batting camera angle and had great control and feel. As with most entries, it was the follow-up that really hit the ball out of the park (baseball pun intended).

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EA Sports Gets One Right: NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Lives Up To Its Name

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As a retro video game collector, downloadable titles would seem to conflict with my passion for the hobby. I love games that can be displayed in my office complete with their box and manual, representing my own personal archive of video game history. I do not have my head in the sand though. Downloading full games and additional game content is 100% the future of where gaming is going. We’ve already see it with the available titles on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live and possibly may with entire systems like the Playstation Vita (its predecessor, the PSP Go was full download only). As a sports gamer, there is potential with the avenue of download-only games but to date the execution and selection has been pretty poor. Perusing online marketplaces, your options are normally limited to darts, bowling, fishing or PSOne snowboarding titles. There have been attempts before to release unique standalone titles (we’ll explore them here at RSGW), but overall most are re-releases like Baseball Stars 2 or poor original arcade attempts like Madden Arcade and NHL 3-on-3 Arcade. Like a beacon in a storm of sports shovelware, EA Sports’ NBA Jam: On Fire Edition is exactly what downloadable sports gaming should be, and the results of their recent endeavor are glorious.

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Opening Tip

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When I was eight years old, I would carefully set up my grandparents’ Atari 2600 so that both joysticks were within my tiny grasp. There was no such thing as a CPU opponent in those days. You played games like Baseball and Football with a friend, cousin or sibling. Being the oldest grandchild in the family, my options were pretty limited. With this the case, I did what any other resourceful sports-obsessed youth would do – I played against myself. Sitting Indian style, I would pitch with one controller, quickly grab the other to swing, and then immediately switch back and field. This display of advanced hand-eye coordination impressed my Dad and Uncles so much that no one would ever accept my offer to play (or perhaps they were adults that couldn’t be trivialized by such things).

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