Wide World of Retro Sports Game Videos Vol. 1

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There are a lot of great retro sports game videos on YouTube and across the internet.  We highlighted the excellent Polygon mash-up A Brief History of Sports Games recently and it prompted me to explore the medium further for our readers.  Our newest feature, the Wide World of Retro Sports Game Videos, gathers five videos all in one place for your viewing pleasure.  We’ll look to share sports game highlights, reviews, mash-ups, and more.  If it is retro sports-themed, then it belongs on Retro Sports Gamer World.  Volume One features one of the most popular sports game videos of all-time, an ambulance montage from John Madden Football ’92, crazy defensive plays from a softball game, the fastest “tool assisted” fingers to ever face Mike Tyson, and a “Lets Play” review of the classic NES game Ice Hockey.

Bo Jackson goes crazy in Tecmo Super Bowl

If you ever needed to show someone proof of Bo Jackson’s power in Tecmo Super Bowl, witness the hapless New England Patriots chasing him around for an entire quarter before he finally completes a 99-yard touchdown run.  I would love to know how many takes this video took to complete as there are some really close calls.  Bo knows YouTube views.  This video has surpassed an audience of 1.25 million.

John Madden Football ’92 Ambulance Montage

Sports gamers were crestfallen when they learned the famous Madden ambulance was retired for John Madden Football ’93.  This eloquent collaboration spotlights the collateral damage to innocent bystanders when one gets injured in the middle of the field.  Sure they kind of set the ambulance driver up by having it happen on QB dives with a number of players around but that’s video game football.  I love that the wails of agony from the players are still heard even when ran over off-screen.

Dusty Diamond’s All-Star Softball Web Gems

Dusty Diamond’s All-Star Softball is one of the more unique games on the NES (As well as one of the most valuable NES sports games) and its charm really shows in some of these plays.  Some players in the game have special jumping abilities and the playing fields do not have outfield walls to restrict the ball or the outfielders.  This quirkiness results in some memorable defensive web gems that I found myself marking out for when I watched the first time.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Tyson TKO’d in first round

SPOILER ALERT.  If you don’t want the ending of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! ruined by watching a flawless, finger-pulsing performance that shows how to deconstruct Mike Tyson in just one round, then please refrain from playing the video.  Thanks to Dave Murray for pointing out that this is a tools-assisted run (using cheats) designed to show the fastest way to beat the game.

Let’s Play Ice Hockey (NES) with Nintendo Legend

Nintendo Legend, a friend of the site, does a nice job of making twelve minutes of Ice Hockey skate by(Pun absolutely intended).  The commentary is informative and entertaining without being over-the-top or feeling forced.  The game play-through highlights a Canadian victory dance, in-game fighting, the zambonis and even the seldom-seen icing call.

Have an awesome sports game video suggestion that you would like to see featured in future volumes?  Email or tweet it my way!



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  1. You may find one of my NHL ’94 videos useful for a future article, particularly my “Crazy Comeback” video:


  2. I just played a full season of the original Tecmo Bowl on the NES. It was a blast and didn’t take long to get the “Nintendo Thumb” kickin again. Seriously these games are so fun, I remember I first saw the ambulance come out in Madden… lol

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